Signing a 'Blank Check' Is Not Passing A Balanced Budget

Friday, June 15, 2012

SACRAMENTO (June 15, 2012) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) Vice Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee released a statement following the passage of a state budget voted on only by Democrats today at the State Capitol.

"It has become a habit; the majority party passes an unbalanced fly-paper budget and our problems continue," said Nielsen. "And yet again, this budget was largely written behind closed doors, with little to no input from legislators and almost no input from the citizens. Even today, with a budget passed, the budget language is not complete."

Nielsen referred to the fact that although there are more than 25 bills as part of the budget, only seven were voted on today. The rest, most of which are not even written yet, are expected to be taken up for a vote next week.

"Just like the budget today, the trailer bills will be written in the back rooms, there will be no public hearings and the members will be in the dark as they vote," said Nielsen. "This is blank-check, irresponsible budgeting."

Nielsen said the budget passed today obliges 92 billion dollars in spending without the needed long term reforms such as a spending cap, a reserve fund, pension reform and getting control of the rogue agencies of government that are daily ill-serving all of us.

"This budget is not a solution, it is a problem." said Nielsen.