Senator Nielsen: More Money Required for Camp Fire Rebuild; No New Taxes Needed with $21 Billion in Surplus

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama), Senate Budget Vice-Chair, issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s revision of his spending plan:

“The state budget is flush with billions in surplus revenue. Twenty-one billion dollars ($21 billion), to be exact.

“But that’s not enough for some in the majority party. They want more. They want to raise taxes on water, fertilizer, dairy, tires, guns and businesses.  

“Why does the state need to raise taxes when there’s $21 billion in surplus?

“They are spending their way into another crushing deficit that will harm the poor, blind and disabled, and squeeze the middle class once again.

“Haven’t we learned from Gray Davis’ spending spree – and subsequent crash – two decades ago?

“In this eye-popping $213 billion budget, there’s $10 million in one-time funding for local governments affected by the Camp Fire, $40 million for emergency readiness and $75 million for those affected by power shutoffs. This is the deadliest fire in the state’s history, and while we appreciate the Governor’s attention to Paradise and the Ridge, our communities will require much more support to rebuild.

“As the Legislature reviews this revised budget, I look forward to working with the Governor, his administration and legislative leaders to prioritize rebuilding efforts.”