Senator Jim Nielsen Issues Statement on Propose Placement of Sexually Violent Predator in Chico

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), former Chairman of the Board of Prison Terms and supporter of Marsy’s Law and the Sexually Violent Predator Act, opposed the placement of the Sexually Violent Predator, Fraisure Earl Smith in Chico.

“There is no justification to place a sexually violent predator in our community. This individual has been convicted of rape and diagnosed as a sexually violent predator.

“In fact, it is my belief, based on all the facts associated with his status that this individual doesn’t qualify for his release period.

“He was committed to Coalinga State Hospital, and that’s where he belongs – not in Chico!”


VIMEO footage of Senator Nielsen:

Radio soundbites:

BACKGROUND: California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 6600 states, “’Sexually violent predator’ means a person who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense against one or more victims and who has a diagnosed mental disorder that makes the person a danger to the health and safety of others in that it is likely that he or she will engage in sexually violent criminal behavior.”

Convicted Sexually Violent Predator Fraisure Earl Smith is likely to commit again under the state’s current definition of Smith’s diagnosis.