Sen. Nielsen Responds to Report Newsom ‘Misled the Public about Wildfire Prevention’

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Senator Jim Nielsen, R-Red Bluff, issued the following statement today in response to a news media investigation that found Newsom “overstated his accomplishments and even divested in wildfire prevention” and “overstated, by an astounding 690%, the number of acres treated with fuel breaks and prescribed burns” in the most wildfire-prone and vulnerable communities:
“Governor Newsom’s deceitfulness and half steps don’t cut it.  He is a self-serving hypocrite who needs to get his priorities straight.
“Rather than spending money in the budget to create several new do-nothing state agencies, his priority should be saving people, wildlife and property from devastating wildfires, like the tragic 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise.
“Shamefully, Newsom’s response to the scathing investigation was to throw his Cal Fire chief into the fire.
“Newsom is all about saving Newsom.”