Sen. Nielsen Commends Governor for Drought Declaration

Nielsen Calls for More Storage in Water Policy
Friday, January 17, 2014

After three consecutive years of little rain and snow, Governor Jerry Brown today officially declared a State of Emergency and directed state officials to take action to prepare for what could be the driest year in California’s history.

“This declaration will bring awareness to a potentially catastrophic and costly predicament,” said Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber). “It will educate and convince the public that the stakes are high and that we must work together to implement solutions.”

The Governor is calling on residents to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 20 percent.

The state Department of Water Resources will coordinate with local water agencies and build on its Save Our Water campaign ( to encourage conservation. The website shows specific steps that residents can take to reduce their water usage.

For farmers dealing with the drought, the California Department of Food and Agriculture will launch a website ( to provide timely updates and connect farmers to state and federal programs.

Nielsen added, “Declaring a drought is only the first step. The Governor must use his leadership and the power of the office to push for more infrastructures for water storage.”

“Conservation measures are simply not enough. Increased water storage will provide for a more consistent source of water for farmers and residential use during the dry years. It is imperative that we – Republicans and Democrats – work together to ensure that California has clean and reliable water for future generations.”