Sen. Nielsen Bill Helps Colusa and Glenn Counties with Road Maintenance

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Senator Jim Nielsen, R-Red Bluff, today announced his Senate Bill 79 was signed into law, enabling Colusa and Glenn Counties to continue receiving monthly Highway User Tax Account (HUTA) money to fund the maintenance and preservation of their county roads.

SB 79 brings much-needed relief to Colusa and Glenn Counties by allowing the Board of Supervisors to transfer the County Road Commissioner authority to the director of the Department of Public Works.

“This is an important and necessary change for these small rural communities, and often underserved communities,” said Nielsen. “If counties can’t find people with the necessary qualifications and the commissioner position is left vacant for more than six months, they lose the monthly HUTA funds to fix the roads.”

SB 79 requires that any civil engineering functions that are required to be performed by the road commissioner may be performed by a registered civil engineer acting under the authority of the director of the Department of Public Works.

“SB 79 will ensure that the County of Colusa continues to receive its share of state-generated transportation funding, which the county invests in cost-effective projects to improve the safety and condition of our local roads and bridges,” said Colusa County Administrative Officer Wendy G. Tyler. “SB 79 also allows the county to staff and resource the Department of Public Works in a manner that makes operational and fiscal sense for us. We are grateful to Senator Nielsen for his efforts on behalf of Colusa County.”

“The Glenn County Board of Supervisors would like to thank Senator Nielsen for including Glenn County in SB 79,” said Chairman Keith Corum. “Senator Nielsen’s bill allows Glenn County’s Public Works Director to act as the Road Commissioner and assures the Board of local representation and control over the county road program. It is legislation such as this that helps our county align local control with the vision of our public and our policymakers.”

The measure takes effect immediately.