SB 32 Not Good for Californians nor Our Economy

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The California Legislature voted to extend greenhouse gas mandates today by passing Senate Bill 32. The measure, if signed by the Governor, would require the California Air Resources Board to impose regulations to ensure statewide greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to 40% (or higher) below the 1990 levels by December 31, 2030. Vice Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) issued the following statement:

“The government will now have license to dictate the types of ovens, stoves and cars the public can buy.

“Not everybody can afford to drive an electric car. Our priorities are to put food on the table, and a roof over our heads and maybe, if there’s anything left, to save for our family's future.

“Who can say what economic and social impacts this sweeping law will have on Californians? This government agency has failed to study the effects of their regulations on our daily lives. To grant them this extraordinary extension of authority for 14 more years will further damage our economy and destroy jobs.”