Overwhelming Majority of Law Enforcement Opposes Sanctuary State Proposal

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Despite opposition from the overwhelming majority of police chiefs, county sheriffs and law enforcement officials, Assembly Democrats approved a proposal that would make California a safe haven for convicted felons who are in the country illegally.

Former chairman of California’s parole board, Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama), highlighted the unintended consequences the partisan-driven action.

“Our laws are intended to protect the people of this state,” said Senator Nielsen. “This proposal would only empower those with ill-intent and encourage more criminal behavior that harms Californians. This bill will ensure that California will become a magnet for criminals who are illegally in the U.S.” 

“We must heed to the warnings of law enforcement. They are on the front lines in ensuring our public safety,” Senator Nielsen added.

Specifically, Senate Bill 54 (De León), is a legislative proposal that, if it becomes state law, would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, school police and security departments from sharing information about criminals with responsible federal authorities.

With years of experience in public safety, Senator Nielsen is even more resolute following the needless killings of two sheriff’s deputies in a public shoot-out by a convicted criminal who was deported twice for committing several crimes, including membership in a drug cartel, and for entering the country illegally. Senator Nielsen represents the families of the two officers killed in the line of duty.

“This bill creates a severe public safety problem,” stated the California State Sheriffs’ Association.