North State Senator Jim Nielsen Issues Statement on Governor's Re-Opening of Phase Two

More Businesses Must Be Allowed to Open
Monday, May 4, 2020

Sacramento - Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled his plan to re-open certain segments of the state’s economy. Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama), who represents northern rural counties, issued the following statement:

"Governor Newsom is responding to the messages from so many of California's counties that have been lightly-impacted by the Coronavirus, to allow local decision makers and public health officials to determine when and how to restart their respective businesses and local enterprises. 

“Now that our state has experienced the effects of this virus on our healthcare system, and we know which counties are hardest hit, this is the logical next step to get Californians back to work.

“Rural counties have much lower infection rates than urban areas of the state. Sacramento County, the most populist county in the Fourth Senate District, has the lowest coronavirus infection rate of any large U.S. metro area as reported by the Sacramento Bee. As of May 2, Sacramento County had only 26 Covid-related hospitalizations.

“Our economy is in crisis. The shelter-in-place must be lifted. 

“Approximately 74% percent of Californians are worried about their personal finances (PPIC).  It is clear that Californians can return to their businesses and employment and restore their economic lives, and do so responsibly, as we move forward from this temporary order.

“More than three million Californians have filed for unemployment, many of whom continue to struggle with getting their rightful benefits through state government via the Employment Development Department (EDD). The state deficit is estimated to be in the tens of billions. Economists expect this recession to be worse than the Great Recession.

“We must thoughtfully re-open the economy now, so that our people don’t experience any further financial hardship.”