Nielsen Responds to Governor Brown's State of the State Address

Monday, January 31, 2011

(Sacramento) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) made the following comments today in response to Governor Jerry Brown's 2011 State of the State address earlier this evening. 

"Governor Brown gave a short speech that was long on rhetoric but contained few specifics," stated Nielsen.  "I would have liked to have heard more about his plans for creating jobs or reforming our budget process or reforming our pension system, but sadly, this was not included."

"I also reject the notion that we need to have a 'Legislative Check-in' with the voters and ask them to increase our taxes.  We have already had two 'Legislative Check-ins' back in May of 2009 and November of 2010, and both times the voters had the wisdom to overwhelmingly reject new taxes.  What don't the Democrats understand about their clear and unambiguous message?"

"Governor Brown and I agree on one thing, we cannot kick the can down the road any longer.  We need to get to work immediately on solving this budget crisis, in order to make California great once again."