Nielsen Responds To Assembly Democrat Defeat Of Maldonado Nomination

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Assemblyman Nielsen (R-Gerber) today issued the following statement in response to Assembly Democrats' Thursday vote defeating the nomination of Abel Maldonado to become California's next Lieutenant Governor:

"Bipartisanship took a dive today as the majority Democrats refused to confirm Governor Schwarzenegger's appointment of Senator Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor.

I have my differences with Senator Maldonado, but there is no question that he is qualified to be our Lt. Governor.

Today's action was an arrogant nose-thumbing at the spirit of co-operation that did result in some positive accomplishments last year.  The Senate acted in a bi-partisan way earlier today and several Assembly Democrats joined a united Republican Caucus in support of Maldonado.  Assembly Republicans are intent on working with Democrats to solve our state's problems, but after today's actions, the majority Democrats will have to earn the trust of Republicans and California citizens."