Nielsen Rejects New Taxes, Fights For Job Creation

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

With today marking 50 days until the June 30 end of the state's fiscal year, Assemblyman Nielsen joined his Assembly Republican colleagues at a Capitol press conference to reject Democrat calls for new taxes and instead urged them to pass job creation measures in order to increase revenues. 

"California's Day of Reckoning has arrived and we must confront this problem immediately with long-term solutions.  The Legislature can no longer put off dealing with an ever expanding government whose bias is to spend more year after year," stated Nielsen.  "Our state faces an unprecedented unemployment rate, with over 2.3 million Californians without a job.  This economy will not rebound unless steps are taken to reign in over-zealous regulators and begin creating a California government that is job-friendly."

"Californians have already told us how they feel about tax increases when they soundly rejected them last May.  Tax increases are not a solution to solving our budget crisis; they merely fund what's already broken.  We must refrain from higher taxes, and instead look to cutting needless and wasteful spending out of this budget.  I am confident that both Republicans and Democrats can come to an agreement on this budget, but higher taxes can not be a part of the discussion."

Assembly Republicans introduced a 'California Jobs First Bill Package' this year to reduce state regulations, assist job creation efforts, and curb lawsuit abuse.  Most of the GOP jobs bills have either been killed or face near certain death.  Out of 17 Republican jobs bills, only one has passed the Assembly, while ten have been killed in the committee process, and the remainder are lingering on the Appropriations Suspense file.