Nielsen Receives Perfect Score From National Federation Of Independent Buisness

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(Sacramento) - Assemblyman Nielsen (R-Gerber) announced that he has received a 100% pro-jobs rating from the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's leading advocate for small businesses and job creation.

The National Federal of Independent Business is the leading advocate for small businesses in California and across the country.  The 2009 NFIB legislative scorecard ranked the voting records of state lawmakers on issues of importance to small businesses in California, such as imposing expensive new mandates and higher costs and taxes that make it more expensive for small businesses to stay in operation and retain jobs here.

Small businesses account for 99.2 percent of the employers in California.  In their most recent survey, the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Council found that California has the fifth-worst tax system for entrepreneurship and small businesses in the entire nation.  Forbes magazine rated California as being the state with the highest business costs in the entire country.

"I am pleased to have received a perfect score from NFIB," stated Nielsen.  "California and its economy will not recover unless small businesses can prosper in this state and put people back to work.  Over the last year, I have consistently fought against job-killing measures that impose new burdens, mandates and regulations that will make it much more expensive to attract and retain jobs in California. Our top priority for 2010 must be putting jobs first, by passing policies that lower costs for small businesses struggling to keep their heads above water and avoid layoffs or closure."

To review the National Federation of Independent Business 2009 legislative scorecard, click here.