Nielsen Reacts to Governor Brown Veto of Democrat Budget

Thursday, June 16, 2011

SACRAMENTO (June 16,2011) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), without much surprise at the Governor's action of vetoing the Democrat budget bill passed just yesterday, is holding strong to a no-tax increase budget plan. 

"The Governor's veto of the budget confirms it was worthy of the no votes it received," said Nielsen. "It contained no long term reforms and predicated solving our budget problem on the untenable foundations of increasing spending and a massive unnecessary long term increase of taxes and fees."

"The unexpected increased revenues announced recently confirm that the five-year-tax increases are not needed," stated Nielsen. "Certainly the significant increases in spending authorized by the Legislature in the past three weeks do not justify it."

"The Governor's insistence on pressing his own budget plan, without meaningful concessions on reasonable pension reform and spending cap ideas of others, represents budgeting by fiat," said Nielsen.

Nielsen stated that there is nothing bipartisan about a budget written behind closed doors with no opportunity for public or even legislator input. "It took me 15 minutes on the Assembly Floor just to get a hard copy of the massive budget language," said Nielsen. "The budget voted on in Budget Committee was not in any print form. We voted only on concepts. Concepts that affect citizens' lives and pocket books in vast ways."

Describing the budget Nielsen said it contained a passel of trailer bills most of which deserved the no votes of Republicans. He explained that these bills were presented in the same closed manner. One of the mentioned bills wipes out the dredge mining industry and another imposes a massive fee increase on the timber industry, both policies hurting California jobs and businesses.