Nielsen Makes Top Honors on CalChamber Best Business Votes Report

Thursday, November 3, 2011

SACRAMENTO (November 4, 2011) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) is proud to report a perfect score on CalChamber Best Business Votes of this year's legislative session. Nielsen was 100 percent consistent with the CalChamber position on all 14 job-related bills identified by CalChamber.

"I feel honored to be recognized by the CalChamber for my voting record and I am committed to continue to stand by hard-working California's small business owners who are the engine of our economy," said Nielsen. "The way to fix California's economy and create jobs is to create a more business-friendly environment. You'd think more of those elected to serve in Sacramento would understand this simple equation."

"Assemblyman Nielsen has consistently demonstrated strong support for the business community," said Frank J.Strazzarino, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce. "He understands the importance of job creation and takes an active role in encouraging job growth while standing in opposition to regulations and taxes that damage both small and large businesses.  His vigilance gives hope to those who want to see California regain its former standing as a leading state with a strong business climate."

This report for the first year of the 2011-2012 legislative session focuses on California legislators' floor votes on California Chamber of Commerce priority bills. Most bills in this report cover major business bills that are of concern to both small and large companies.

This is the 36th vote record the CalChamber has compiled. The CalChamber publishes this report in response to numerous requests by member firms and local chambers of commerce that would like a gauge by which to measure the performance of their legislators.