Nielsen Honored By Private Universities

Friday, March 5, 2010

Assemblyman Nielsen (R-Gerber) announced today that he has been honored by the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) for his work in preserving Cal Grants for students "who, because of their grants, are able to realize their educational goals and help assure that California remains a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the world."

Currently, there are over 3,100 students that are from the nine counties within the 2nd Assembly District who receive Cal Grants. Those students are enrolled in a private university, community college, a UC, or a CSU.

Dr. Larry J. McKinney, President of Simpson University in Redding, stated, "On behalf of Simpson University, and the 76 private universities that are part of the AICCU, we want to thank Assemblyman Nielsen for fighting hard and preserving the Cal Grant Award at its maximum level for college students across the state.  The Cal Grant is a very significant and very crucial piece of the funding for our students.  Right now, 45% of our California students receive the Cal Grant, and most of those receive the maximum level of funding.  He has been a champion, not just for Cal Grants, but for higher education overall.  To be recognized by the AICCU is quite an achievement, and he is certainly worthy of it."

Assemblyman Nielsen commented, "I am honored to be recognized by the AICCU and I thank them.  Universities across the state face a tough task, educating our young students and preparing them for the challenges that await them.  Despite California's current budget deficit, California colleges and universities continue to offer the best education in the country.  The Cal Grant is an important tool; it allows many students to get a quality education who might not have the means to do so without it.  I will continue to fight for the Cal Grant as we move forward as well."