Nielsen Honored By The Northern California Water Association

Friday, February 12, 2010

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) was honored yesterday by the Northern California Water Association, at their Annual Meeting in Yuba City.  The award was presented by Steve Danna, Chairman of NCWA, in recognition of his "continued leadership and dedication to protecting the economy and environment of the Northern California region".

Nielsen led the fight to achieve a balanced water plan and stopped a dictatorial takeover by unaccountable agencies and authorities.  Steve Danna and Donn Zea, President & CEO of NCWA recognized Nielsen's, "Tireless efforts in the historic water policy debate of 2009."  They also noted Nielsen's record of "building relationships across political lines and deliberative reputation provided the Sacramento Valley a powerful and respected voice in a complex and chaotic debate.  Particularly impressive, Nielsen was willing to take risks and make calculated decisions, to ensure that given the options, Sacramento Valley water and agricultural concerns would be protected."

"I have spent my entire life in agriculture, engaged in water policy" commented Nielsen.  "Water is critical today and more critical for our future generations.  It is for our grandchildren that we fight the good fight.  I appreciate the vast knowledge, dedication, and vital work of NCWA leadership and members."