Nielsen Condemns Latest Tax Increase Proposal

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) condemned the introduction of AB 1836, which would raise income taxes on Californians by a whopping $14 billion over the next five years.

"Unfortunately, the Democrats in the legislature are once again trying to raid your pocketbooks to fund California's broken budget system.  AB 1836 is just the latest proposal to take more money from taxpayers during a severe economic downturn.  This bill contains no reforms, nothing to help create jobs, and certainly does nothing to encourage employers to start new businesses or relocate to California," stated Nielsen.

"This legislature should have a singular focus, and that is to create a business-friendly climate, because small businesses are the real engine of job creation.  High taxes and over-zealous regulations will not create a single job in a state where unemployment is already above 12%.  Please stop this mad dash to raise taxes, and lets work together to fix our economy."