Nielsen Comments On Government Overreaching Bill - Child Care Unionization

Friday, September 9, 2011

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) spoke against the negative effects of Assembly Bill (AB) 101, Child Care Unionization, which would force a union and/or dues on providers regardless of whether they want a union or not and would establish an employer-employee relationship among families. For example, if a family turns to a grandmother, aunt or a friend for child care, it would force those providers to pay union dues. 

AB 101 was passed on a party-line-vote with the Democrats supporting it and Republicans opposing it.

"This bill has been and will increasingly be the most ridiculed bill of the year for the public," said Nielsen during the floor debate. "This is another example of government overreach by wanting to unionize those who care for our children."

Nielsen shared that he has had parents, currently members of unions, who are vehemently opposing this bill. He said that they don't appreciate the unions intruding into their families and family relationships.

Addressing the Democrats who are supporters of this bill, Nielsen said, "You're taking a shot at the family structure in America. This is another step in weakening the family." He closed with urging the Legislators to "Keep the union out of our homes and our family relationships!"

AB 101 would divert money away from low income families who desperately need subsidized child care. The subsidized child care program is a capped program - not an entitlement program, which means the more money that goes toward unionizing workers will result in fewer slots for low income working families to receive subsidized care.

Additionally, AB 101 would drive up the cost for low income families who don't receive subsidies as there will be less non-unionized child care providers to choose from. Family child care homes currently receive prevailing market rates for their services, which makes this bill unnecessary.