Nielsen Co-authors Fire Tax Repeal Bill

Friday, January 13, 2012

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) announced today the introduction of Assembly Bill 1506 as a principal coauthor, which would eliminate an unfair State Responsibility Area Fee, a 'Fire Tax' of up to S150 per structure as determined by the Board of Forestry, imposed in rural areas. 

"Besides being unnecessary and potentially unconstitutional, the Fire Tax is also unfair," said Nielsen. "Many homeowners already pay extra property taxes for fire protection and now they will be taxed twice for the same level of service."

As part of the state budget, Governor Jerry Brown signed a measure that established a new $200 million tax on structures located primarily in rural and unincorporated parts of the state. The law directs the State Board of Equalization to collect a fee up to $150 on each structure beginning this year.

For a background on the Fire Tax you can watch Assemblyman Jim Nielsen briefing on it from last year.

"What's worst about this unfair fire tax is that it will not generate extra resources for firefighting efforts," said Nielsen. "But it does increase the size and overreach of government and that's why it must be repealed, and AB 1506 would do just that."