Nielsen Calls On Governor To Delay AB 32

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) joined with Senator Cogdill R-Modesto) and fellow members of the Assembly Republican Caucus today, demanding the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger delay the implementation of AB 32 - the Global Warming Act of 2006, since it is costing California numerous jobs across the state.  Three counties within the 2nd Assembly District have unemployment rates above 19%.

Today's announcement follows a non-partisan Legislative Analyst report that found more jobs will be lost in the near term as a result of the state's global warming policy and the long-term impact on jobs is currently "unknown."  California already has a stifling number of regulations and high taxes that discourage job creation and hinder the state's ability to attract and retain businesses.  Another report by the AB 32 Implementation Group and the California Manufacturers and Technology Association found that a $60 tax per ton of carbon would increase gas prices by 53 cents per gallon and result in families paying $1,243 more per year for natural gas and $200 more for electricity.

"It is critical that the Governor heed this warning and delay the implementation of this ill-advised global warming plan.  With California's unemployment rate now 12.5 percent, it only makes sense that we stop shooting ourselves in the foot with high taxes and fees, costly mandates and irrational regulations.  Poorly conceived policies, like those contained in AB 32 are driving businesses out of state and taking away opportunities for working families.  Our top priority must be creating jobs - not driving them to other states," stated Nielsen.