Nielsen on The Budget - A Cynical Political Theater

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SACRAMENTO (June 27, 2012) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) released the following statement following the passage of remaining budget trailer bills which were voted on today in the State Assembly.

"This budget cannot be balanced," said Nielsen. "It is based on cynical ploys to either induce voters to support the 45 billion dollar tax increase, or to punish the voters for not supporting them; the trigger cuts of 99% hitting education are an example. And maybe worst of all, the unprecedented provision that skyrockets the governor's tax increase from the bottom of the ballot to the top."

Nielsen also expressed deep discontent with the majority party decision to significantly cut funding for the opening of both Redding and Fresno homes. He said that both Senator LaMalfa and he have worked intensely for the second year in a row to reach a budget agreement which would fully fund the homes and ensure its operations. Their efforts contributed to the Democrats agreeing last week to fund the 10.5 million dollars needed to open and operate the Redding veterans home, only to have it cut down to a staggering 4.1 million dollars today.

 "This deep cut will barely get the doors open and it will make the homes vulnerable once again next year to being budget hostages," Nielsen said. "If legislative Democrats can't keep their word for one week, why would California voters trust them when they claim their massive tax increases will solve the budget crisis." 

Nielsen said that there are now 28 budget trailer bills and there will likely be more authored. Although these bills are supposed to be simply statutory changes to implement the budget, that in fact they represent a vast array of special interests scams.