Nielsen Bill To Assist 'Off-Roaders' Signed Into Law

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) announced that Assembly Bill (AB) 1266, for which he is a joint author, was signed into law by the governor today. This bill clarifies and fixes previous legislation which would have imposed strenuous requirements on a new type of vehicle known as "Recreational off-highway vehicle" by limiting access to it.

"We were happy to contribute to helping 'off-roaders' throughout California to continue enjoy their recreational activities," said Nielsen. "I want to thank Assemblyman Cook for authoring this bill and working with our office, and the Governor for signing it into law."

AB 1266 takes out the provision requiring passengers be able to sit "with both feet flat on the floorboard" while restrained. This will ensure that children and smaller adults can continue to ride, without any impact on rider safety.

This bill also delays the implementation of the provision dealing with separate seat locations until July 1, 2013. This will give legislators time to work on legislation that would allow users who have safely modified their vehicles to continue riding.

"These small changes will allow off-roaders to continue using their vehicles with their families without compromising safety," said Assemblyman Paul Cook. "The off-roading community deserves a big thank you for their support. This legislation would not have been possible without their help."