Nielsen Argues for a Responsible Budget, Against Tax Increases

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Assembly Budget Vice-Chair Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) presented Senate Bill 873 today in the State Assembly.  This bill represents the Republican view of controlling persistent, excessive spending and achieving a responsible budget for California.

This bill funds vital programs like public safety while ensuring long-term budget restraint.  Senate and Assembly Democrats also offered their own budget plan, but one that was built on tax increases.  Both plans failed to receive the required 2/3 vote, setting the stage for focused, accelerated budget negotiations next week.

"Two views are heard today," Nielsen stated during debate on the Assembly Floor.  "One based on increased spending and taxes, one based on restraint and reform.  Neither have the votes to pass.  Now, member-to-member, leader-to-leader, and Big 5 negotiations must begin immediately."

"Time is of the essence to pass a budget without economically depressing taxes, with pension and budget reform, as well as funding levels that don't bust the budget for years to come," concluded Nielsen.