Minimum Wage Increase Will Reduce Jobs and Hurt Schools

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Despite warnings of a looming recession, the Legislature today passed Senate Bill 3, a measure that will raise the minimum wage in California to $15 from the current rate of $10 by 2022. The measure received bipartisan opposition.

Senate Budget Vice Chairman, Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) argued that the increase will harm the very people its supporters claimed to have intended to help.

“Businesses will look for ways to cut back and replace these entry level jobs with computers and robots.”

“Greeters at ‘big box’ stores will no longer be needed. These are often elderly folks who are supplementing their social security payments to make ends meet. The Legislature immediately eliminated that income.

Having oversight of the state budget, Senator Nielsen anticipates that this measure will have a negative impact on California’s treasury.

“The state hires college students to provide them with real life work experience. This measure will certainly limit the number of students hired for this program.”

The Assembly passed Senate Bill 3 on a vote of 48 to 26.

The Senate passed SB 3 in a vote of 26 to 12.  It now heads to the Governor, who has stated his support for the measure.

No Republicans voted in favor of SB 3.