Measure That Strips Justice Away From Crime Victim Families Signed Into Law

Monday, October 1, 2012

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) commented on Governor Brown's decision to sign Senate Bill 9. This bill allows inmates (who were juveniles when they committed a special circumstances crime that would have resulted in the death penalty sentence for an adult, but were instead sentenced to life without the possibility of parole) to petition the court for resentencing, making them eligible for parole.

"This week there will be one year since the passing of another disastrous public safety bill, AB 109," said Nielsen. "Instead of coming together and facing the dire reality of more inmates being let go, of numerous re-offenses right in our neighborhoods, the Legislature and the Governor continue to deny justice to families of horrendous crimes, by passing and ultimately signing this really bad piece of legislation."

Nielsen said that SB 9 was yet another attempt to make it easier for some violent criminals to leave prison early. 

"The Governor and the majority continue to reverse the penalties imposed on these 'little darlings' who have violated the most basic social norms and committed heinous violent crimes," said Nielsen. "When will these policy makers start paying attention and encourage the success of hard-working, law-abiding Californians and make the protection of person and property the priority they and their families deserve from their government. I am deeply disappointed in the Governor's decision.  This marks another step backwards for justice for victims and accountability to society."