ICYMI: OC Register Op Ed: Newsom's moratorium on the death penalty is neither right nor just

By Senator Jim Nielsen
Monday, March 18, 2019

Newsom’s moratorium on the death penalty is neither right nor just

The Governor signed an executive order to impose a moratorium on the death penalty.


Make no mistake; this decision was neither right nor just.

Victims who survived the calculated and horrific murder of a child, parent or spouse suffer a pain that never completely goes away. When the murderer is convicted and sentenced to death, family members often experience a basic sense of justice.

It’s difficult for 12 jurors to sentence someone to death. The small percentage of murderers who wind up on death row have often raped or tortured their victims before ultimately killing them.


Governor Newsom has the extraordinary power to review the decision made by the jurors in every death row case. If the Governor concludes that there is potential for injustice in a particular case, he may do what other Governors have done and grant clemency to that individual. He has instead granted a reprieve to all 737 convicted murderers.

Yes, this was a bold decision. It ignored voters’ will. It disregards our system of justice. It denies victims and their families justice.

The only thing wherein – they can find peace and justice – for the one who so cruelly killed their loved ones is the death penalty.

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