ICYMI: Families mourn indirect, 'forgotten' deaths from Camp Fire

At least 50 indirect deaths appear in vetted claims against PG&E
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

By CAMILLE VON KAENEL | Chico Enterprise-Record
PUBLISHED: February 11, 2020 at 11:03 am

PARADISE — Donovan James Iverson’s family says he died because of the Camp Fire. But he does not appear in the only official accounting of the disaster’s victims, the Butte County coroner’s list of 85.

… 15 months later, people are still dying from complications from the fire, including mental and emotional anguish and respiratory issues from the smoke...

This newspaper has identified at least 50 additional deaths medical experts and lawyers have linked to the Camp Fire.

“These are the ones who have been forgotten,” said Tammie Strong, Iverson’s mother and full-time caretaker for 13 years. “I am praying for the families still struggling. My year has been a roller coaster.”

People who died as an indirect result of the disaster aren’t memorialized with crosses on the Skyway.  Most often, they had pre-existing vulnerabilities and passed away because their care was interrupted. But the expanded death toll isn’t being factored in to future emergency preparedness or health system capacity planning.

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