Governor's Delay in Opening Of Redding Veterans Home Insults Their Service and Sacrifice

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Budget Vice Chair, Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) expressed his outrage with Governor Brown's decision in his proposed budget to delay the Redding Veterans Home for yet another year denying those who have served and sacrificed for our nation the care they deserve.

"This is just one of a long list of bad decisions Brown has made that have hurt veterans since he's been in the office," said Nielsen. "He's reneging on a commitment he's made to those who have fought hard, sacrificing their lives even, for our country."

"Brown appears to be holding the already completed Redding and Fresno Veterans homes hostage in a budget proposal that one commentator has accurately referred to as 'the biggest ransom note in history,'" said Nielsen. "The Governor's threat that if California citizens don't 'pay up' to the tune of $7 billion in new taxes, he will cut these homes, cut three weeks from the K-12 school year and continue his dangerous release of tens of thousands of un-rehabilitated criminals into their communities, is a shakedown of epic proportions."  

Nielsen explained that the delay for another year of the Veterans Homes could compromise Federal Funding to assist with these important projects, and he thought this was an unacceptable risk to take by delaying the homes' completion. 

"As for our American heroes, California veterans, the Governor's track record has proven that they are not a priority for him, especially when state expenditures are increased by 7% in the proposed budget," said Nielsen.