Governor’s May Revised Budget Gives Money to Grab Headlines But Doesn’t Set State Up for Future Economic Prosperity

Friday, May 14, 2021

The state has an eye-popping cash windfall of $76 billion. Governor Gavin Newsom today submitted his May Revision Budget to the Legislature. Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Red Bluff), Vice Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement:

“To fend off his critics and make headlines, the Governor handed out money left and right all week.

“Yet, he fails to address long-term fundamentals of budgeting to help the state prosper in future years.

“California’s astronomical problems – wildfires, homelessness, learning loss, mental health, a hostile business climate – will not go away because of a onetime windfall. Over a million Californians are stuck in EDD’s backlog, and not receiving needed benefits to pay the bills.

“California does not have enough water storage to sustain citizens’ needs during the drought years. Farmers are purposely destroying crops because the state government lacks planning. After decades, Sites Reservoir continues to sit empty.

“Governor Newsom takes credit for doing the basics – returning money to taxpayers and debt payment – that are required by law as passed by voters.

“Today’s $76 billion windfall is just that – a windfall. Clearly, Californians are overtaxed.”