Facts on California's Water

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Below are facts on water for those interested in today’s vote by the State Water Resources Control Board on the continuation of the most restrictive water conservation in the nation.

Capacity of California’s Large Reservoirs

Reservoir Capacity (acre feet)  Percentage of Capacity
Shasta 4,552,000 85
Oroville 3,537,577 84
Trinity Lake 2,447,650 63
New Melones 2,400,000 46
San Luis 2,041,000 88
Don Pedro 2,030,000 89
McClure (Exchequer) 1,024,600 76
Pine Flat 1,000,000 67
Folsom 977,000 57
Bullards Bar 966,000 86

To review a more extensive list of the state’s reservoirs, please click.

California’s snowpack is at 182 percent of normal.

Fifty (50) of the state’s 58 counties are experiencing flooding per Governor Brown’s Emergency proclamation.

With so much rain and snow, should Californians continued to be mandated to live with draconian emergency water regulations?