Butte County Receives State Approval to Reopen

North State Leaders Congratulate Butte County; Applaud Yuba & Sutter for Paving the Way
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Leaders of Northern California congratulated Butte County for being the first county in the state to receive approval of its plan to reopen. These rural elected officials also rallied in support of Yuba and Sutter Counties for their foresight in demonstrating that rural counties can safely reopen. Below are statements from state and local leaders: 

Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama):

“By following county health guidelines, rural regions can safely reopen its businesses. Local economies need to reopen so workers can earn money to pay their rent and mortgage.

“Many other northern counties, including Yuba and Sutter, must receive the same support for their decisions to reopen their economies. Their health officer and local leaders, along with their business owners and employees, are leading the way in getting California back to work. It is time to get all of our communities open for business, safely and consistent with local public health decisions.”

Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City):

“It is great to see the Governor allow our counties to move forward as we have requested. Several north state counties have shown that they meet the criteria and have submitted plans that allow them to move forward with greater Phase 2 re-opening.

“Butte County’s was approved by the State today and I anticipate we will see more this week.

“I appreciate the regional effort that has been undertaken and the leadership shown by Yuba and Sutter counties and Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu in helping to make this a reality.”

Butte County Supervisor Bill Connelly, First District:

“Without Modoc, Yuba and Sutter Counties leading the way, rural California wouldn’t have gotten the Governor’s attention and Butte County wouldn’t be in the position we are today with re-opening.

“We appreciate their efforts and look forward to seeing our neighboring counties opening up soon.”

Chico City Councilmember Sean Morgan:

"In Butte County, we have followed all the recommended health measures and protocols.

“It is time to safely go back to our lives and jobs. I am overjoyed to see our State and County officials realize ‘one size fits all’ measures are threatening the livelihood of Northern Californians, and thank the officials in Yuba and Sutter for leading the way.”