Battle Against Illegal SRA Fire Tax Going Forward

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

(Redding, CA) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), along with former State Senator Doug LaMalfa, and David Wolfe of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) today announced the efforts, both in the Legislature and through citizen action, to repeal the illegal fire tax are going forward into the new year. 

"I am very much aware of the worries and the burdens that many Californians are suffering as a result of this new tax," said Nielsen. "I promise them that I will continue to work to have it repealed."

Nielsen said that Shasta and Tehama counties have not yet received the bills but that they will be seeing them in their mail boxes starting next month.

"Rural Californians are tired of being unfairly targeted by a tax I believe was not only passed illegally, but also fails to provide any increased fire safety," said LaMalfa. "It was barely two years ago that voters passed Proposition 26 and reaffirmed their belief that taxes should be passed with a two-thirds vote. This fire tax is a clear violation of that intent, and I believe that it should be overturned immediately."

"We view this as a double-tax because most individuals in State Responsibility Areas are already paying for fire coverage and this tax provides them no additional benefit," said David Wolfe, HJTA Legislative Director. "This is an unconstitutional tax, and HJTA has filed a class action lawsuit to try and repeal it."

Wolfe mentioned that homeowners living in State Responsibility Areas should do two things to fight the tax: fill out a petition for redetermination form and pay their bill on time.  He said that failure to do so will make individuals ineligible to get their money back, and late payments could result in massive fines and penalties totaling up to 20 percent a month.  

Click here to download a Petition for Redetermination Form. For more information on the SRA Fire Fee petition visit