Assemblyman Jim Nielsen Response to Governor's Press Conference on Public Safety Realignment

Friday, April 15, 2011

(Sacramento) - Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) responded to the Governor's press conference regarding the Public Safety Realignment on April 13 at the State Capitol. 

"The public safety realignment is a public safety disaster and an egregious breach of justice," said Nielsen following the Governor's press conference. "Justice means the inmates serve full terms under law."

"The Administration is asking hard-working Californians to pay 55 billion dollars in higher taxes the consequences of which will be to make them and their families much more vulnerable to victimization," said Nielsen. 

Nielsen continued, "The only fixes the Legislature should be considering are scrapping the Governor's plan altogether and going back to the drawing board on a more responsible plan for budget savings in Corrections.  Californians shouldn't have to pay higher taxes to feel less safe in their communities."

Nielsen said he shares the concerns of law enforcement leaders about securing a permanent funding source for vital public safety programs, and that the Governor's plan does not guarantee a permanent funding source.  He explained that Republicans have proposed alternative measures to secure funding for vital law enforcement programs without imposing a massive tax increase on Californians or passing the Governor's dangerous realignment plan. 

"Public safety is Government's highest responsibility. This plan fails that test," concluded Nielsen.