Assemblyman Jim Nielsen Responds to Governor's decision to sign AB109

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Governor Brown signed AB 109 after sunset yesterday the so-called Public Safety bill, which is everything but that. It was appropriate that he chose to sign this abominable legislation as dark descended on California. 

This legislation turns California's Criminal Justice System profoundly, in favor of criminals, and unarguably places all of us and our families at vastly greater risk to become victims of crime.

Upwards of 68,000 un-rehabilitated, unremorseful criminals will be in our communities, largely unsupervised, without even bare minimum rehabilitative opportunities and greatly diminished, if any, consequences for their continued victimization of Californians. 

The governor signed the bill even though there is no funding to pay local government for the burden being dumped on them.

It would appear to be a cynical ploy to coerce Legislators and the people of California to support tax increases. In fact, AB109 is now the most compelling reason to oppose these taxes - starving this beast of a bill before it's unleashed.

I urge all Californians to speak loudly and long against this ill-conceived travesty of justice."