Assemblyman Jim Nielsen Defends California Taxpayers During Budget Debate

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) stood up in defense of California taxpayers during the Assembly floor debate today.

"A timely budget was passed, but a responsible budget was not accomplished," stated Nielsen following the floor session. "So far there are no reforms included that will keep the budget reigned in, nor is there anything except policies that will kill jobs!"

Nielsen criticized the Legislature's predisposition to reckless spending of the new unexpected revenue. This budget represents a 27 percent increase in spending over three years and a two billion dollar increase since the Governor's January budget with little invested to reduce the 'wall of debt,' to which he referred in his May revise. 

Although this budget would eliminate some minor state agencies, Nielsen pointed out that the main government agencies are still fully staffed and doing business as usual.

"You ask the people you represent, is there a relationship with the government agency that they love any better," said Nielsen during the floor debate. "Is government serving them any better, being less intrusive in their lives, less oppressive in driving them out of California." He continues, "I think not. The worst thing we can do is tax them (people of California) to do it."

Nielsen thinks that it is absurd to increase taxes by 58 billion dollars over five years only to place Californians at higher risks as a result of the governor's realignment plan.

"This budget is going to fund a dangerous realignment," said Nielsen. "The public safety realignment portion is the worst part of it, a great, absolutely egregious historic compromise of justice."

Watch Assemblyman Nielsen's full comment in the beginning of the floor debate