AG Kamala Harris Needs to Do More to Protect Public

Senate Republicans Call for Oversight Hearing of the Attorney General’s Failed Armed Prohibited Persons System
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sacramento – Senate Republican lawmakers today called for a public review of the Attorney General Kamala Harris’ Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS), a program designed to collect guns from convicted felons and those with mental illness.

Millions of dollars were given to Attorney General Harris to remove guns from the streets. The Legislature was promised that the APPS backlog was “a priority for Attorney General Kamala Harris.”

Attorney General Harris’ department reduced the backlog of prohibited persons with firearms by only 40 percent despite having spent 60 percent of the $24 million in special funds allocated by the Legislature. 

Attorney General Harris has failed to meet the commitments she made to the Legislature and the public. Yet, she is now asking for permanent funding.

Click here to read the letter sent by Senate Republicans to Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon requesting that openness and transparency through legislative review to investigate why the Attorney General is not moving faster to remove unauthorized guns from convicted felons and those with mental illness.