$872 Million of Car & Gas Taxes NOT Going to Roads, Highways or Bridges

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Today, the Senate Budget Committee will meet at 10am in Room 4203 of the state Capitol to close out the first phase of the state budget process.

Senate Democrats approved $872 million of car and gas tax monies to be spent on programs and services instead of roads, highways or bridges.

Under Senate Bill 1, the largest car and gas tax in our state’s history, state bureaucrats will be charging Californians higher taxes beginning November 1.

Below are a few examples of how SB 1’s taxes – which Californians were promised would be spent on fixing our crumbling roads and highways – will actually be used:

  • $31.5 million for operations and maintenance at parks
  • $1 million to create a recruitment and outreach program for park rangers and lifeguards
  • $18 million to the Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District in Riverside County
  • $635 million to transit & intercity rail
  • $5 million to UC for research
  • $3.7 million to DMV to pay credit card transaction fees

California families with two vehicles will likely pay nearly $500 more each year as a result of this massive tax by Sacramento politicians. To calculate the estimated car and gas tax hike, Californians can click on this calculator.